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July 15, 2006



Nice to see ya back stranger.

Hope yer staying out of this horrid heat.


you posted! Welcome back, you were missed!


Laura! I miss miss miss you so much! Really glad to know that you'll blog again. Hope you're doing well. Take care ... and see you soon. :)


I was simply giddy when I saw your blogs named highlighted when i went into my bloglines! we miss you sooooo much!!!!!and who are you having dinner with ;)


Yay You!! So glad to see you posting - hope you can keep up with it. You have a lot on your plate girlie. But I'd sure love to read your blog posts and knitting updates again. :)

wool winder

Yay! This make me happy. Hope you will be able to find the time for an update once in a while. I've missed hearing from you. Sure was great to catch up this weekend!


Ok, it's been a month. Time for an update. hehe Spill girl.

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