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January 18, 2006



I'm glad you figured out how to block your sweater- it looks great! I vote a flower closure for it.

I hope everything goes well at the IMU tomorrow!

wool winder

The one face embroidered on the stuffed bear turned out so bad, I decided to leave the rest undone. I would love to see what the guild does.

I think a flower on the sweater would give it just the right feminine touch. I know you will come up with something cute. Great job!


you are anamzing person to work so hard! i hope you get a lot of people inteested and involoved at the university thingy ;) can't wait to see your moms clapotis! and that sweater is darling! i think for a youngster like that a closure would work....


That's a lot of stuffed animals to manufacture; you work so hard! Your sweater turned out beautifully too. I look forward to seeing you tonight!

Dipsy D.

I really love that sweater you did for your baby cousin, the color is amazing! I never blocked my FOs before either, but started doing so a while back, and boy, does it make a difference, doesn't it? Once you've done it for the first time, it'll be almost routine to do it, and it sure is worth it!


I'm sure it's clear as day, but is your address posted somewhere so i can mail you a preemie set?


Never mind, I found it! The set will be in the mail today,


Hey girl. It's time you updated us. I bet your up to your nose in preemie outfits and blankets and can't find your pc. :OP


I believe the knitted/felted flowers you can find on Knitty would look great on your purple sweater. Possibly in a contrasting color?

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