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January 06, 2006



Woo hoo, another post! What a pile of FOs, I can't imagine getting that much knitting done. Congrats, and I can't wait to see the next item!

As for the Lopi, I have a professor who loves Icelandic sweaters (in fact, she told me once that the next time [next time?!] I go to Germany, I should stop by Iceland to buy a sweater... ummmm, riiiight). She's knit a couple of them in addition to buying them every time she's in Rekyavik, and says you just have to use Lopi, 'cause it's authentic, and you have to use wool that's authentic for the pattern. Then I felt Lopi, and thought, 'Wow, she's crazier than I thought she was!'

wool winder

The Fiber Trends felted clog pattern is a good one. I just finished a pair, but I have a few days to wait until I can wear them. It will take that long to dry, I think.


Ooo... Ooo... Can I guess? Is it okay to guess what the last FO is? I would be so happy for you if it's your Mom's Clapotis!!

heh Funny Lopi story from Megan. She's right - INSANE number of FO's considering the TONS of knitting you did for TPP!!!

Have a wonderful 2006! (((Hugs)))


Uh, laura? Do you sleep at all? I don't understand how you can have done all that stuff for TPP and knit all that stuff. An acceptable alternative explanation is that you have reached knitting Nirvana and learned how to knit with your feet.


Wow! Looking at your list of FO's, I think I can safely say that you were more productive this year than I will be in my whole life! Nice job!

I'm with you completely on the disliking fur and most novelty yarn thing...almost all of it looks insanely difficult to use, and I've never really liked the way it looks in finished projects. One of the few exceptions I've found to this is the Dreambaby Kokonut yarn, which I had great fun working with. Maybe it only counts as semi-novelty, though...

Can't wait to see what the mysterious Item 16 is. :)


Hey, talk about ME knitting in my sleep, I think that's another lesson YOU learned! HaHa!


...and so the name "Knits for Sanity". You have taken a really rotten situation and make a wonderful thing out of it. Laura, you have taken us places I could have never imagined. Who would have thought that my daughter could teach me so much about what is important in live. Thanks for encouraging me get my needles out again. I am so proud of the work you are doing. I am your biggest admirer. Love, Mom

Sometimes, things happen for a reason.....

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