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October 08, 2005



Hi Laura, it's been long since I last wrote to you too! Your new scarf is lovely ... I haven't tried bamboo yarn, but the sheen makes the yarn look great.
Take care.

wool winder

All of your projects are beautiful. I love the halloween print flannel you found. I never could find any around here. Your blanket stitch looks great. I've even used crochet thread because it is cost effective.


Great blankets. And a fabulous scarf. I love pink.

I'm working on some large blankets for the regular donation. I stumbled across a few sales myself.


I love knitting with bamboo! i haven't tried classic elite bamboo, but SWTC's bamboo is pretty (relatively) affordable... though each ball is $13, it's about 250 yards...

all the stuff you're knitting is SO cute! i love halloween.


oooh! love the scarf! I remember when you bought that yarn! I love the stitch pattern too cool! I have my two sets ready to go:) I am so excited about sending these really cute pumpkin sets! I enjoyed making the booties, and they're so small and cute...I think I am hooked on them, must be a sock thing! I love to make SOCKS!!!!!!


Love the scarf! what a pretty winter accessory.


Laura, I love that scarf! The yarn is so soft, it makes me want to go get some :)


What a beautiful little scarf! I love it! And nice blankets.. the fabric is so cute!


Fine, thank you.
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