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September 21, 2005



Wow ... so glad to read you post again. I miss you too. Have a wonderful time with your family and look forward to read about your vacation.


I hope you can find some good options. Glad to hear that you had some fun with your mom! Take care.


Good luck with your second opinion Laura! I hope you get some great news!


Great to see you're taking some R&R time while away! I'm so jealous of you and your mom Yarn Shop Crawling. How fun! I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that you'll get some solid info and answers about your knee.


yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..ya posted!..lol


i hope there's another treatment option for you to consider, just so you can feel hopeful.
looks like you had a great time at all the LYS, can't wait to see pics of the goodies!


Glad you're having a good trip. Hope you find a treatment that will get you better soon.


Oh Laura, I hope that you find the right treatment and the right doctor and start to get better soon! I remember you saying you were feeling better a few months ago, but I guess that we are even further out past your surgery, that is not enough. I am glad you had a chance to have some knitty fun with your mom... Lots of hugs..


i am glad your seeking more medical attention... i am sorry you have to travel so far!!! Glad you and your mom got to have shopping trips in between:) gotta love yarn shops:) i am anxious to hear what the doctors said....

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