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April 25, 2005



would the elsebeth lavold silky wool work?thats what it looks like on the poncho.if not try typing in the name of the pattern and check if any of us bloggers have done one.it would show up on google.I ues that whenever I want to start a new pattern.great way to hear feedback!


Or you could google the type of yarn and find out the stats (the gauge stated on the lable) on a site that sells that particular brand of yarn.
Then find a yarn that is comparable at your LYS or in your stash and try it according to the pattern directions...Good luck!


I emailed the daily knitter and got a reply already.....

You are not the first one to ask about the yarn on Pepper. (I am the member of the staff that designed it.) The Lang Romance yarn is 1.75 ounces per ball and 100 yards in length. I just fell in love with it at a yarn shop and didn't realize it was so rare. We would recommend substituting any worsted weight yarn that is soft in texture.

She also asked if I would like yo buy the remaining 3 skeins of the Lang yarn that she has for 20.00
I'll give you her info if you want...

genealogygal at earthlink dot net


That capelet is so pretty! I hope that you do knit it soon--it will look great on you! :)


I found this pattern and am having the same difficulty with the yarn. Were you able to knit this up using a more common yarn? If so, what did you use? Any help would be appreciated!

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